True art transcends time.

Only a fraction of San Francisco Silent Film Festival'sĀ operating expense comes through ticket sales so every year we apply for funding from various sponsoring institutions. Many time these sponsors ask nosy questions about our audience, questions that we're now asking you! We'd appreciate it if you'd take the time (brief, we promise) to fill out this survey. We will NEVER share, sell, or personalize your information.

At the end you'll be given the option of entering a raffle. The prize: A Festival Pass for our next event!

* 1. What is your gender?

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* 4. Is this the first time at the Silent Film Festival?

* 5. Indulge your inner Arts Reviewer. Write a sentence or two review of the SF Silent Film Festival as if you were composing for your favorite publication. Tell us what you think of the films, the music, the ambience—the whole shebang!

* 6. If you'd like to enter our raffle for the opportunity to win a Festival Pass to our next event, give us your contact information!

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