The draft fare policy consists of a $1 regular bus fare, a $.50 reduced fare, youth 8 and younger rider free, and a $2 county connector fare. A $2 All Day pass and a $25 All Month pass would be available for in-county bus services. All Day and Monthly passes would also be available for out of county bus routes (Routes 411W, 411C and 412) for $4 and $50 respectively. Seniors over 65 years of age and riders with disabilities would qualify for reduced fare options, which in general are one half the regular fare.

 Paratransit clients would be charged a $1 fare with an All Month pass also available for $25. 

The fare policy is still a draft and fare levels are subject to change prior to board approval.

* 1. Do you support the implementation of a fare system?

* 2. Do you currently ride Island Transit?

* 3. If you ride Island Transit, what do you use it for?

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