Thank you for coming to this web site to share your experiences with us.  We are interested in learning about the path of reconciling sexual and religious identity conflicts and developing a new measure that would help Christian sexual minorities communicate about their path and internal conflict.  The purpose of the study is to develop and validate a new measure of Sexual and Religious Congruence, as well as to validate the existing religiosity measure, Duke University Religion Index (DUREL). 

Our hope is to add reliable and valid tools and language to communicate about religious and sexual identity conflicts in the sexual minority Christian population, as well as to ease the process of describing the path towards peace about sexuality in light of personal religious beliefs.

This is a confidential study. Your identity will not be recorded or disclosed, and your answers to questions will not be shared with others.

For the purposes of this study, we seek people who are both “sexual minorities” who experience same-sex attraction, regardless of behavior or identity, and Christians for whom faith and spiritual values are important. Again, thank you for your willingness to share about your experiences.


1.   Do you identify as a sexual minority or experience same-sex attraction?

2.   Do you identify yourself as a Christian?

3.   Are you 18 or older?

If you answered “NO” to any of the questions above, you are not eligible to participate in this study.  Thank you for your time.  If you answered “YES” to all of the previous questions, please proceed with the Informed Consent on the NEXT page.