Welcome, and thank you for participating in the City of Whitehorse draft Bicycle Bylaw online survey. Your feedback is important to us. The City of Whitehorse Bicycle Bylaw is currently under review. The current Bicycle Bylaw was first drafted in the 1970's. The City of Whitehorse has changed significantly since the 1970's as have the number of cyclists within the City. The information gathered from this survey will be provided to Mayor and Council along with other data. This information will help Mayor and Council in the decision making process as a new draft Bicycle Bylaw comes forward for adoption.

The City of Whitehorse will be accepting surveys from March 25th, 2013 up to and including April 29th, 2013.

If you have any questions or concerns related to the current or new future draft Bicycle Bylaw, please contact the Manager of Bylaw Services, at 668-8317 or email at roxanne.mccutcheon@whitehorse.ca