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On June 7, 1967, Governor Robert E. McNair signed legislation that established the South Carolina Arts Commission, beginning a new era of public support for the arts that has endured for 50 years.

50 years? Where did the time go?  Half a century can fly by when you’re busy making your state a thriving place for the arts. Reminiscing upon the past can be a pleasant diversion, but preparing for the future requires action. So after celebrating our accomplishments, it’s time to move forward…focused. It’s time for our next 50 years.

Do you have something to share with the state network of arts leaders, educators, artists, and arts supporters? What knowledge or expertise do you have about the arts... moving Forward...being the Future?

1) FORWARD – Have you overhauled an older arts program, restructured your organization or governance, redesigned your website, or marketing plan with an eye toward moving your organization forward?

2) FOCUSED – Are you focused upon harnessing today’s rapid pace of technology/change/expectations to positively impact your organization or community through the arts?

3) FUTURE – Are you already out there, future thinking and gearing up for the Next Big Thing in the Arts, waiting for the rest of us to arrive?

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