Sekonic Feedback for Godox/Flashpoint Radio Trigger

Sekonic would like your feedback in developing a Godox/Flashpoint radio trigger compatible light meter.

The meter would enable Godox/ Flashpoint users to manually control the power output and remotely trigger your Godox/Flashpoint strobes.

Please read the description of the two meter options and check the appropriate box below:

Option 01: Sekonic L-858D (Godox/Flashpoint) radio compatibility.

The L-858D is an incident and reflected (1-degree spot) meter with full photo and cinema functions. It is up to 3 times more sensitive in low light in incident light reading than other Sekonic meters and enables you to measure HSS and Flash duration. The Sekonic L-858D is $599 and an optional Godox radio module would be roughly $99.

Option 02: Sekonic L-478D (Godox/Flashpoint) radio compatibility

The L-478D Godox/Flashpoint­­ would be an incident and reflected (with optional 5 degree-viewfinder accessory) meter with full photo and cinema functions. Like the L-858 it has flash to ambient analyzation, digital touch screen, and many customizable features. It would have a built-in (not removable radio transmitter) Godox/Flashpoint radio module and be priced at $399.

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