Here's a quick FAQ about the new liveBooks8 platform so you can better decide which migration option you'd like - click "Next" at the bottom of the page to choose your option!

Q: What are the differences between the two platforms?
A: liveBooks8 is built in HTML5 - which means it is responsive and will look stunning on any device - desktop, tablet, or mobile; you will no longer need a separate mobile version of your site! Plus, our editor is responsive which means that you will have the ability to update your website on the go. liveBooks8 also gives you a ton of new features such as advanced SEO tools and options for customizations, such as varied portfolio and gallery layouts, a library of hundreds of font choices, drag and drop design, and more.

Q: How will my billing change?
A: Migration of your current site to the new platform will be done free of charge, unless you decide to go with the White Glove option. Once you are migrated to the new platform, we will evaluate where your website falls into the new pricing packages for liveBooks8. Depending on the complexity of your website, we will choose one of the pricing tiers available here.

Q: Will my old images work on the new site?
A: If you have a larger format scaler site with images at 1800x1200 pixels, your current images will work great in liveBooks8! If you have an older liveBooks site with images at either 920x562 or 750x500 pixels, you will need to resize them at larger sizes for the new platform.

Q: Can I see templates and are there demos?
A: Please check out our template page at for more information and to see examples of templates - click on the template titles to see more details.

Q: Will I still have access to my editSuite?
A: You will have access to your editSuite until your website is fully migrated and published (live) on the new platform. Your current Flash site will also remain live until you are ready to publish your liveBooks8 site.

Q: What is the fee associated with the "White Glove" option?
A: Our White Glove fee starts at $200, fees will vary depending on how many new design hours you want.

Q: Will my SEO be migrated if I choose the "As Is" option, or will I need to add the information again?
A: We will migrate the current SEO tags that you have on your site but liveBooks8 has additional SEO options/tags that we encourage you to enter on your own.

Q: Can I see what the slight differences will be in my site if I choose the "As Is" option?
A: We will send you a preview link before your site is published so you can review and approve any slight differences that there may be with your website.

Q: What happens if I do not like the "As Is" in HTML5 version?
A: You have several options if you are not happy with your "As Is" migrated site.
Option 1: start over again with a Clean Slate - you can create several websites within your account and only publish the one you are happy with.
Option 2: we can take your "As Is" site and apply the "White Glove" edit in which you chat with one of our designers on what exact changes you want.
Option 3: you can continue with your Flash version.

Q: How soon will you contact me regarding my migration option?
A: Our team is working hard to ensure that everyone is migrated in a timely fashion. Right now we are currently working on a first-come, first-serve basis. The sooner you take the survey, the faster we will be in contact!

Q: How long will the migration process take?
A: Once we contact you informing you that your migration has started, the full process will take two weeks.

Q: Which option is fastest?
A: Option #2 - Clean Slate will be the quickest way for you to gain access to the new platform and launch your site.