This survey serves to collect expressions of interest to lead or collaborate on a Pilot Site for the GlobalCoast Experiment which will be implemented by the CoastPredict Programme. 

CoastPredict is an endorsed Programme of the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development - read more about the Programme here
The GlobalCoast Explainer document linked here describes the concept and implementation.

A video presentation about the GlobalCoast Experiment can be viewed here.

Pilot Sites will be selected within Regions of the Global Coastal Ocean. These Regions have specific large scale oceanographic regimes that might contain a number of different coastal, hydrological and ecosystem regimes, so-called Pilot Sites. 

As part of this survey you will be asked to indicate the Region where your proposed Pilot Site is located. The Regions expand on the first classification of different coastal areas of the world ocean, done by Robinson and Brink (2010) based on knowledge of dynamics of the open and coastal ocean. The distribution of Regions serves as a guide and is not representative of how the CoastPredict Programme wants to spread efforts and focus.

You can continue editing your submission until you are ready to submit. This is done via IP address recognition. Bookmark the survey when you first open it, and it should maintain your responses if you access it via the bookmarked link. TO HELP YOU COMPILE THE DETAILS ABOUT YOUR PILOT SITE YOU CAN DOWNLOAD A WORD VERSION OF THE SURVEY HERE:


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MAP-1: Regions of the Global Coastal Ocean adapted from The Sea, Volume 14A (Robinson and Brink, 2010).

Key to colours:
Blue – western boundary current systems
Orange – eastern boundary current systems
Green – polar regions
Grey – islands and semi-enclosed seas

Map of Regions of the Global Coastal Ocean adapted from The Sea, Volume 14A (Robinson and Brink, 2010).

Question Title


Based on the adapted Robinson and Brink (2010) classification represented in MAP-1 above, within which ocean subregion(s) (1 to 34), is your proposed GlobalCoast Pilot Site. If you want to propose more than one Site, a separate survey should be completed for each.