Survey Introduction

On November 22, 2021, following extensive public and stakeholder consultation, Langley City Council adopted a new Official Community Plan (OCP). The updated OCP provides a vision for the community, including policies that relate to Langley’s housing, transportation, culture, economy, and climate.
The next step in making the OCP vision a reality is to update the Zoning Bylaw based on zoning and urban design best practices, and ensure it best represents the expectations of current and future Langley City residents.
Zoning Bylaws are legal documents that regulate how land, buildings, and other structures may be used. They include rules for the design of buildings (e.g. height, setbacks, lot coverage, etc.), parking requirements, amenity spaces, and more. You can view Langley City’s current Zoning Bylaw here.

    Please note that the Province's Homes for People Action Plan legislation, which includes new rules related to permitting additional units on single detached home lots, development financing and transit-oriented development will be reviewed and addressed in early 2024. This will be a separate but parallel process to the Zoning Bylaw update that will begin once the City has received and reviewed the legislation's technical details.

    This survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. Please complete only one survey per person.

    There are two parts to this survey:
    • New Uses and Zoning Updates – these are the proposed new regulations related to carriage homes, single detached homes, amenities & open spaces, child care, and cannabis retail.
    • New Parking Approaches – these are the proposed new regulations related to parking requirements in new developments.