Anglican Diocese of Melbourne | CRWCC Seeks Public Submissions

Following Synod’s approval in October 2023 of the Clergy Working Hours Review (Motion 20, Synod Synopsis available here), the Clergy Remuneration and Working Conditions Committee (CRWCC) surveyed Clergy in the Diocese seeking their views on their current working conditions.

Analysis of the survey results revealed the following:
  • Clergy who responded to the survey ranked reducing the working week from 6 days to 5 days as the change they would most like to see in current Clergy working conditions.
  • The second most desirable change would be to increase the annual leave benefit to 5 weeks from the current 4 weeks of paid annual leave.
  • In answering whether Clergy stipends and allowances should be adjusted in 2024, the top 3 survey responses indicated that:
o 38% support an adjustment in line with CPI
o 17% support the current process for making adjustments
o 14% are uncertain

The Melbourne Anglican Diocesan Corporation is also considering a change to the current pay cycle for Clergy. Two options currently under consideration are:

1. Mid-month pay cycle:
Under this option, the pay day would change to the 15th of each month, processing the first two weeks of the month in arrears and the remaining balance for the month in advance.

2. Fortnightly pay cycle:
Under this option, the pay cycle would be processed fortnightly for the previous two weeks (i.e. in arrears), with no advance payment for future work.

The information gleaned from submissions will help inform the CRWCC as it prepares its recommendations to Archbishop in Council (AiC) regarding future Clergy remuneration and working conditions in the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne.

The CRWCC is required to make its annual recommendations to AiC regarding possible changes to Clergy stipends, allowances and working conditions in August 2024.

Submissions should be made no later than Sunday 16 June 2024.
1.The CRWCC now invites submissions from interested stakeholders, including from members of Synod, affected clergy and lay persons, and churchwardens, on any of the issues raised above, i.e., changes to Clergy working conditions, adjustment of Clergy stipends and allowances in 2024, and the two options for changing the pay cycle for Clergy.