Tech Valley High School Website Survey

Please take a few minutes to complete this survey about the Tech Valley High School website at Your feedback is important as we begin the website redesign process. Thank you for your time!

* 1. How often do you visit the Tech Valley website?

* 2. From what type of device do you typically visit the site?

* 3. What information are you typically looking for when you visit the Tech Valley website?

* 4. Can you typically find what you’re looking for?

* 5. What do you like most about the Tech Valley website?

* 6. What would you like to see added to or improved on the new Tech Valley website?

* 7. How satisfied are you with the current website?

* 8. What is your preferred method of communication for Tech Valley H.S. news and information?

* 9. I am a… (please choose one only)