Organizational Questionnaire

Through support from the Monadnock United Way, and in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, a group of local social service agencies led by the Keene Senior Center, is undertaking a regional needs assessment focused on digital literacy and access. There are substantial resources in support of broadband, telehealth and digital equity on the horizon.  Planning activities such as this needs assessment can be beneficial in making the most of these opportunities.  As defined by the National Telecommunication and Information Administration

"Access considers the availability of high-speed, reliable internet and related equipment, including having Internet connections and technology at home or in community institutions (e.g., free public Wi-Fi, public computer centers).

Digital Literacy measures an individual’s ability to use the Internet and modern technologies, such as computers and smart phones."
Of particular interest is your organization’s role in using technology to improve the quality of life for older adults - from social engagement to accessing services and supports to staying healthy. 

To conduct the needs assessment, Southwest Region Planning Commission (SWRPC) needs input from your organization to better understand the digital literacy issues related to your organization, clients and customers. The inventory and analysis of the information will inform a report and recommendations: from identifying funding and technical assistance opportunities to replicating successful practices.

The questionnaire below may be completed online or in writing at your convenience. Please contact Henry Underwood at SWRPC at 603-357-0557 or hunderwood@swrpc.org for questions about the project, questionnaire, or to schedule a meeting.
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