YOU can help choose the features of a new web portal for people with kidney disease.  The portal will help you gain skills and training to: 
* Manage your health
* Be more active
* Work or volunteer

Your answers are confidential and we will never match them with your name.   

* 1.
My kidney connection is (please answer from your perspective):

* 2. I am: 

* 3. My age is:

* 4. The country I live in is:

* 5. My work status is:

* 6. My role in my own healthcare when I am at home is:

* 7. What would help ME are tools and resources to learn how to:

  Not helpful Slightly helpful Fairly helpful Helpful Very helpful
Track my diet, blood tests, and medications
Understand my disease and the treatment options for it
Cook foods I can eat
Be more physically fit
Travel for work and holidays
Have healthy relationships
Manage money

* 8. In a perfect world, I would have had the information I wanted when :

* 9. I want to learn how to:

  Not helpful Slightly helpful Fairly helpful Helpful Very helpful Does not apply
Build my confidence
Manage anger
Manage stress
Improve my memory
Put together a resumé or CV 
Effective communication
Interview for a job
Make a presentation
Be a leader
Build a team
Handle conflict
Use social media
Learn how to use a computer
Improve my sales skills
Write a business plan
Start a business

* 10. I like to learn by:

* 11. The challenges that keep me from working are:

* 12. Three things I would like to see most in a new web portal, in order of importance, are:

* 13. Three kidney non-profit groups from the UK and US are joining forces: the British Kidney Patient Association MSS CKD and MEI.  Our goal is to help patients manage their health and feel their best. And, we want to help working-age patients find and keep jobs!

Thank you for your help!  Please download the free Dialyze to Live booklet.  If you would like to stay involved and give more input in the future, please enter your email below.