Thank you for participating in the annual Intapp Risk Staffing Survey. We’ve added a few questions to this survey to capture the effect of COVID-19 on risk teams in 2020: a year in which there were dramatic changes to where people worked, the way they worked, and how they interacted with their clients – practice partners.

The survey is open to law firm risk managers, compliance professionals, and C-Suite executives who oversee risk management. All survey responses will be strictly confidential. Your responses are anonymous.  

The survey consists of 5 sections and takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.  

Intapp will provide a report of these findings to participating firms, and conduct a webinar presenting anonymous aggregate results to assist in the industry's risk and compliance planning and benchmarking.

Our survey questions explore the ways you and your colleagues conduct various risk-related activities. Before completing the survey, we encourage you to preview the questions and seek out answers you may not have at your fingertips.

Should you need to take a break and come back to the survey, simply close out of your browser. Be sure to use the same computer or handheld device to return to the survey, as it will remember your answers up to the point you left. If you intend to return to the survey but can’t find this email with the link embedded, simple email us at and we’ll send you the link. Again, if you’re on the same computing device, it will remember your previous answers. Thanks again!