This form is intended for Hopkins students to nominate faculty who have served as exceptional advisors/mentors during their global health experience(s). The substantive quality of the nomination has a huge impact in the review process. (IN OTHER WORDS, ONLY A VERY THOUGHTFUL NOMINATION WILL RESULT IN YOUR ADVISOR BEING SELECTED FOR THIS PRESTIGIOUS, UNIVERSITY-WIDE HONOR.  It is important to provide thoughtful and detailed responses to the open-ended questions.

* 1. Student's Name

* 2. Faculty Advisor's Name

* 3. School at Hopkins

* 4. What degree are you pursuing (or have recently pursued) at Johns Hopkins?

* 5. Please provide both the title and location of your project.

* 6. Rank your satisfaction with your advisor:

* 7. Rank your satisfaction with your field experience

* 8. Indicate how your advisor exceeded your expectations:  (possible attributes to describe may include concern, inspiration, mentoring, knowledge, networking, etc.)

* 9. To what extent was your advisor accessible:

* 10. Do you anticipate collaborating with your faculty advisor on this or other projects in the future? If so, please provide specific examples.

* 11. Please use this space to provide any additional comments about your advisor.