This Girl Scouts of Central Maryland Silver Award Online Approval Tool is designed to be used by a Girl Scout Cadette with the assistance of her leader, project advisor, and/or parent.  ONLY ONE GIRL PER FORM (NO GROUP SURVEYS).

We will ask you a few questions to help you get on the right course for your project. These questions are directly based on Girl Scouts of the USA's national guidelines and requirements for the Girl Scout Silver Award.

For more information about those guidelines, please consult your Cadette Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting, the Girl Scouts of the USA website (, or the Girl Scouts of Central Maryland website (http://www.

As of October 1, 2017, Girl Scouts of Central Maryland will require that girls submit a copy of their Pre-Approval Screening Certificate along with their Silver Award Final Report. When completing the survey, be sure that your computer is connected to a printer, so that you can print the required certificate.

Suggestions about how to complete the Pre-Approval Screening:

1. Familiarize yourself with the Girl Scouts of the USA Silver Award guidelines.

2. Be sure to print, screen shot, or take a picture of your Pre-Approval Screening certificate at the end of the Pre-Approval Screening Survey, as it will be required for your final report.  (YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE AN EMAIL CONFIRMATION WHEN COMPLETED AND YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE AN EMAILED COPY OF THE COMPLETED SURVEY).  You may want to hole-punch it and insert it in your Girls Guide to Girl Scouting in the Silver Award section.

3. Complete your approved Silver Award Take Action Project by September 30 of the year you complete 8th grade and enter 9th grade.