* 1. What is your current position?

* 2. How long have you been in the school library profession?

* 4. Do you consider print Knowledge Quest essential professional reading?

* 5. How often do you use the print version of Knowledge Quest as a reference?

* 6. How many other people (besides you) usually read or look through your print copy of Knowledge Quest?

* 7. Who do you share Knowledge Quest with? (Check all that apply.)

* 8. What types of articles in Knowledge Quest do you find most valuable? (Check all that apply.)

* 9. Do the themes impact your level of interest in reading an issue of Knowledge Quest?

* 10. How soon after receiving Knowledge Quest do you read an issue? (Select one.)

* 11. How do you prefer to read or access Knowledge Quest? (Select one.)

* 12. How do you rate the printed Knowledge Quest on each of the following attributes? (scale: 5 = excellent, 1 = poor)

  1 2 3 4 5
Relevance of content to my interests
Reliability of content
Timeliness of content
Variety of topics covered
Depth of analysis
Length of articles
Overall appeal of interior design and layout
Ease of finding what you want to read
Use of sidebar materials (value adds/extras)
Charts and graphs to enhance understanding of the content
Front cover as an invitation to read Knowledge Quest

* 13. In the past 12 months, what actions have you taken as a result of reading advertisements in print Knowledge Quest? (Check all that apply.)

* 14. What other theme or topic would you like to see covered in Knowledge Quest?

* 15. How has Knowledge Quest changed your school library practice?

* 16. May AASL use your response to question #15 in its marketing materials?

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* 17. How often do you visit the Knowledge Quest website?

* 18. How do you rate the Knowledge Quest website and its content? (scale: 5 = excellent, 1 = poor)

  1 2 3 4 5
Overall appeal of website design
Ease of navigation
Breadth of topics covered
Updates from AASL (e.g., leadership, elections, AASL President, sections, etc.)
AASL Standards-focused blog posts
Relevance to your school setting
Notifications of new blog posts
Ease of sharing posts via social media
Online exclusives
Electronic submission forms
Blogger expertise/knowledge

* 19. Rank the following websites in how frequently you visit them. 1 = most used, 5 = least used, etc.

* 20. Rank the following websites according to value. 1 = most valuable, 5 = least valuable, etc.

* 21. What other topics would you like to see addressed on the Knowledge Quest website?

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