Abstract Submission

The American Fisheries Society – Alaska Chapter and the American Water Resources Association are pleased to come together again to co-host the 2017 annual chapter meeting in Fairbanks, Alaska March 19-24, 2017.  The Program Planning Committee is seeking to design a meeting that integrates the fields of fisheries and hydrology from the industry, agency, and stakeholder perspectives.  We have drafted a set of sessions that attempt to capture issues that span disciplines, species, and ecosystems which will benefit the broad audience our organizations represent.  

We are excited to gather to discuss this year’s theme of “Alaskan Fisheries and Waters:  Success, limitation and innovation in the face of data scarcity and uncertainty.” 

The theme was chosen to highlight the challenges and innovative solutions surrounding conservation and management of fisheries and water resources in Alaska.  Researchers, managers, and stakeholders are often forced to make decisions with little to no information due to the State's expansiveness, weather conditions, and logistical challenges of collecting data or utilizing its resources.  We want to recognize these challenges and the innovative solutions that continue to be developed to maintain Alaska's freshwater and marine resources.  Understanding uncertainty, communicating it, reducing it and accounting for it in our decisions are critical ongoing functions within the fisheries science and management, and water resource communities. The conference will strive to highlight the necessity of adaptive thinking to anticipate and respond to future scenarios involving climate change, developing fisheries, invasive species, and changes in fisheries and hydrological processes. The theme will be exemplified through a broad array of continuing education courses, sessions, including keynotes, contributed oral sessions, a poster session, awards for best student paper and poster, and a long list of social activities and tours.

Abstract Submission: Please limit abstracts to 300 words, state the session of interest and your contact information.  Please note that special formatting (e.g., bold, numbering, etc.) may be lost in copy-paste.  A total of five authors is permitted. A separated abstract will need to be submitted for each presentation, even if submitted by the same author.  
Presentation Guidelines: Talks will be limited to 20 minutes including questions. It is suggested you present for 15 minutes and leave 5 minutes for questions. This time amount may decrease depending on the number of presentations. 
Poster Guidelines:  Please limit posters to a 4’ (48”) width and height. An example of poster dimensions would be 48”W X 35”H.

If you are interested in organizing and/or moderating a session listed below or for one that cannot be captured in what is already drafted, please contact the Alaska Chapter - AFS (Aaron Martin; 907-786-3510, afs.alaska.presidentelect@gmail.com) or the AWRA (Erica Betts; 907-452-1414, ericabetts@pdceng.com) Program Chairs.

We look forward to seeing you at the Alaska Chapter AFS/AWRA meeting in Fairbanks, March 2017. For more information about the conference location and accommodations, visit the conference website http://www.afs-alaska.org/annual-meetings/spring-2017.