The TGA is currently considering an application that has been made to restrict the sale of ibuprofen to pharmacy-only.

We are interested in the views of people who may be affected by this proposal.

* 1. Are you answering this questions on behalf of yourself as a consumer or your organisation?

* 2. Do you/your organisation think pain medications containing ibuprofen should continue to be available for sale in supermarkets and general retail outlets? 

* 4. Do you/your organisation think you are equipped with and/or have access to enough information about the benefits and risks of using ibuprofen?

* 6. Do you/your organisation think changes need to be made to the way pain medications containing ibuprofen are labelled or packaged? 

* 7. If so, what changes need to be made?

* 9. Are you/your organisation aware of any scientific or clinical research or reviews that highlight the efficacy and safety of ibuprofen?

* 10. If so what?