2018 Satisfaction Survey

* 1. For how many years have you been a licensed parent?

* 2. By which DCF office are you supported?

* 3. What is your license type?

* 4. I am consistently asked for input when decisions need to be made regarding the child(ren) in my care.

* 5. If a child in your care is part of a sibling group, how often do the siblings visit with one another?        

* 6. I consistently receive adequate medical, psychological, educational,and behavioral health information about the child(ren) prior to the child entering my home.

* 7. I am consistently notified of scheduled Court hearings for the child(ren) in my care.

* 8. I am consistently notified of Administrative Case Reviews for the child(ren) in my care.

* 9. The assigned social workers schedule meetings at times that are convenient for me.            

* 10. DCF staff return my phone calls or emails in a timely fashion.  

* 11. DCF communicates and interacts with me and the children in our preferred language.

* 12. DCF recognizes and supports our culture and our language preference.

* 13. I know the name of the attorney assigned to the child(ren) in my care.

* 14. I have satisfactory contact with the attorney assigned to the child(ren) in my care.

* 15. I have consistently been involved in the transition plan when a child has left my home.

* 16. Please rank what made you feel supported as a caregiver with DCF?

* 17. Please rank what will encourage you to continue to  foster ?

* 18. Please tell us what kind of training and support you believe will best help you.

* 19. Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your experience as a foster/adoptive/relative parent?

Thank you for taking our survey!