1. Welcome

To: Chicago Dental Society 2022 Survey participant (member)

From: Joe McLennan, Consultant to CDS

In order to prepare well for its upcoming strategic planning work the Chicago Dental Society seeks to collect information in the following survey from its members regarding their insights and perspectives about the organization.
Please candidly answer each of the questions in this survey: there are no right or wrong answers. I will be the one collecting the responses and be the only one to see the specific answers you provide.

My responsibility is to provide a report on the overall  themes and specific recommendations  for the upcoming planning meeting.  If you prefer to speak directly with me about planning issues, please contact me at mclennan.partners@gmail.com  to arrange a mutually convenient time for a phone interview.

Thank you very much for your participation. When completed, the Chicago Dental Society's 2023 strategic plan will be available at www.cds.org

Question Title

* 1. What do you understand is the purpose/mission of CDS?