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International Students: Understanding Gender-Based Violence

COSTI Immigrant Services would like to request you complete a survey to review the e-module on “Understanding Gender-Based Violence.” It is part of the Neighbours, Friends, and Families campaign funded by the Government of Ontario to educate and encourage bystanders to support women experiencing intimate partner violence.
The purpose of this survey is to help COSTI plan future projects and resources.
This survey should take 15-20 minutes. Your participation is strictly voluntary. You can stop doing the survey at any time. All your responses will be collected anonymously.
If you have any questions please ask or contact
By responding to the questions you are verifying that you have read the introduction and are voluntarily agreeing to participate.

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* 1. To show our appreciation for your time and effort, we are pleased to offer the first 90 respondents an e-gift card. Please note that in order to receive the e-gift card, we will need your contact information, which will be kept strictly confidential and used only for the purpose of delivering the gift card to you.

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* 2. Please rate the e-module by placing a tick in the appropriate column:

  Yes No Maybe
After completing the e-module, I know more about types of Gender-Based Violence.
After completing the e-module, I know how to recognize types of abuse.
After completing the e-module, I know the risk factors that may lead to severe harm or even death.
After completing the e-module, I know how to respond to a woman at risk.
After completing the e-module, I know where to find help for an abused woman.

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* 3. Read the case scenario and then answer the questions below.

Your friend Nadia met Harry after coming to Canada as an international student. Soon, they started dating. He was interested in her culture, took her sightseeing, and cooked for her - she thought he was great. She got a job at a coffee shop to help pay for her expenses as she did not want to burden her parents. Harry pressurized Nadia to get a job where she did not have to work weekend shifts so that she could go out partying with him. One Saturday, he hid the car keys causing her to be late for her shift and lose pay.

For her birthday, Harry scheduled a surprise holiday to Niagara Falls. When she explained she couldn’t go because it was the week before her exams, he told her that she was selfish and that she did not deserve a loving boyfriend like him. He ignored her and did not return her calls till she gave in. When they went to Niagara Falls, he spent the whole day gambling at the casino. He lost a lot of money and blamed her, saying her negativity had affected his luck. When she suggested that they return home, he slapped her, calling her ungrateful. When she cried, he apologized and kissed her even though she didn’t want to as she was still upset.

Once they returned home, Nadia told Harry that she wanted to break up. When she did not pick up his calls when he phoned her, he texted her constantly and posted multiple messages on her social media accounts. He also reminded her that her immigration documents were in his possession and that he would destroy them if she did not get back with him.

Did you read Nadia's story?

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* 4. What types of abuse do you observe in Nadia's story? Tick all that apply.

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* 5. As a friend, how would you respond to Nadia when she told you her situation? Tick all that apply.

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* 6. Where would you suggest Nadia goes to ask for information or assistance? Write as many as you think apply.

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