In celebration of Farm to School Month, States throughout the Mountain Plains Region (CO, MT, MO, KS, NE, ND, SD, WY) are competing to see which State can get the most “crunches” into a local apple, or other local produce, per capita. Each State is designing its own event with its respective dates and times; please refer to State specific resources provided upon your registration for more details.

As a Crunch Off participant, you will join students, teachers, farmers, parents, community members, and local food enthusiasts in celebrating the wonderful produce the Mountain Plains Region has to offer. Your Crunch efforts will encourage healthy eating and support local agriculture while celebrating Farm to School Month and shedding light on the wonderful efforts of our Child Nutrition partners. 

COVID-19 Guidelines.  Please note:  You can still have a Crunch and have participants do this individually or in small groups.  There is no requirement to have your entire group participate all together or all at the same time.