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The One Design Committee of US Sailing is conducting a survey of One Design classes and individual sailors to study trends in participation. These surveys will be conducted every other year to track trends in our sport and map paths forward.

We have prepared two surveys, one is to be completed by One Design class organizations to show trends in participation at a class level. The second survey is to be completed by individual sailors to provide data on who is participating in our sport and identify drivers and barriers to participation. 

The results from these surveys will be made available to US Sailing Members to show trends. It is our sincere hope that the results of our efforts will be used by all classes, sailors and organizers to grow participation in our sport. No personal identifying information will be stored. 

Thank you for taking the time to be part of this important survey of your sport. 

At the very end of the Survey, we will ask you which One Design Classes you are currently active in. Please make sure you answer this important question.

Estimated time to complete this survey is 10 minutes.

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* 1. In what region do you typically sail? We are looking for your "home" region, not one you may travel to for a big event. 

US Sailing Regional Map

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* 2. How do you identify?

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* 3. What range does your age fall within?