Your First-Time Sex Experience?

Hello there friends, and thank you for answering just a couple of quick questions about your first-time sexual experience. I am in the process of writing my next book, which will be about sexual health and I will, upon occasion, want to poll ANONYMOUSLY a few people about some very basic questions.

This time, I'm wondering about how you look back on your first-time sex with another person. I'm curious about your gut reaction when you think of your first-time experience (it's often called "losing your virginity"). Some people might have trouble sorting out exactly who they were with or when their first-time occurred. I'm not so much concerned about knowing for sure exactly the person or time. I'm mostly concerned about how YOU LOOK BACK ON IT - as in, was it a positive or negative experience. It might not be the exact first time, but if YOU look back on it as your first time, that's good enough for me. Further, if you have not had sex with another person as of yet, then you don't have to fill this survey out.

Again, these answers are kept separate from any kind of contact info so these are ANONYMOUS. Thank you for your help - Dr. Jallen Rix

Question Title

* 1. Was your first-time experience with....

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* 2. Rate you experience on a positive - negative scale.
(I am concerned that because of the potential discomfort of these questions, some people will default for the exact middle, but when you think about it, is any experience ever exactly 50/50? Please take a moment to feel if your experience might lean one way or another towards the positive of negative, if not, then use the middle)
Was your first-time experience....

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* 3. The following information is OPTIONAL AND SEPARATE FROM THE SURVEY: If you would like to see the eventual results of the survey, and be notified about the new book please let me send you an occasion email. This contact info is NOT shared with anyone and kept in complete confidentiality.