Oregon’s current State of Emergency is highlighting just how resilient we are as a community–there have been incredible acts of kindness, sharing of resources, and collaborative work to keep one another healthy, safe, and productive. We are inspired by these efforts, but we also know that those hardest hit by the COVID–19 are those hardest hit by social vulnerability in general. These same communities are least likely to be reached by conventional information and resource networks. With your help, we can change this. 

There are multiple channels providing vital information to our diverse communities.  We would like to create a way to gather these perspectives and insights, particularly around the City's response and policies related to COVID-19. This regular feedback loop could help identify any barriers community members are currently facing and provide perspective and ideas for the City of Portland.  

Our first step is to test whether this is in fact needed and who might respond.  That is why we are reaching out to you.  Before we launch a larger survey that we can send out more that once, we seek your input on this idea.  Please take a moment to answer our few questions below as best you can.  Please forgive cross postings.  Note that the questions may change each time we send out the survey to account for what we are learning.

Thank you and stay safe.

Question Title

* 1. Do you think this additional community information network is a good idea?