Pollstar & VenuesNow announce our 2020 INNOVATION SPECIAL ISSUES recognizing ingenuity, creativity, originality & vision transforming the Live Industry.

We will honor achievement in every aspect of the live business, including companies, executives, technologies, concepts, products, ideas, platforms and/or protocols that are moving the business forward!

This can include, but is certainly not limited to: new business concepts, sanitization and safety technologies, ticketing tools, enhanced concert experiences, advanced livestream platforms, political advocacy mechanisms, merch and concession concepts, cashless and touchless technology, drive-in apps, production safety protocols, greater philanthropic expediency, diversity and inclusivity platforms, sustainability products and more. 

Publication Dates: December (VenuesNow) & 10/23 (Pollstar)

Please submit your nomination by filling in the questions below! Nominations Due Oct. 30

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