Lakeshore Rocket Football & Cheer 2023 Season Feedback

1.What team was your child on? (If you had multiple children on different teams, please consider filling out the survey for each team)
2.How easy did you find the registration process?(Required.)
3.How was the communication from the league?(Required.)
4.How was the communication from your coach?(Required.)
5.Did the coach(es) demonstrate good sportsmanship and represents LRF well?(Required.)
6.Were the practices well organized and run with purpose?(Required.)
7.Did your child have fun and grow as a football player/cheerleader throughout the season?(Required.)
8.What level of LRF will your child participate in next season?(Required.)
9.Please rate Lakeshore Rocket Football as an organization(Required.)
10.Do you have anything else you would like the LRF Board to know:(Required.)