Council is planning to create new local active spaces for children/young people in your shire to have fun in. We want to know what you think is important to focus on for your local area. Please help us by answering this short survey.

* 1. What is your gender?

* 2. What is your age?

* 3. Which Town do you live in?

* 4. If you could do one thing to improve spaces for young people in your area what would it be?

Please review the following images that show a range of different types of recreation and playspaces




* 5. What type of space do you think is most important to focus on in your area?
(Considering the options shown above, please choose your favourite 3)

  Overall favourite Second favourite Third favourite
Social space
Rebound/Climbing wall space
BMX space
Ball Court space
Performance space
Junior play space
Tween play/fitness/parkour space
Skate space
Water play space

* 6. What was the reason you chose the type of space you did as your number 1?

* 7. Is there something about your town history, fun fact about your town (eg: local animals or plants)... that makes your town unique and could be used as a theme or idea about your new active space?

* 8. Do you have a certain vision for what a new space in your town could look like? Explain what it could look like or contain? 

* 9. Is these anything  you would like to add, or think is important when considering providing active spaces for children/young people in the shire to enjoy?

Thank you very much for assisting us with providing valuable information to assist in developing a strategic plan for creating new active spaces for children/young people within Strathbogie Shire Council