BCC is currently engaged in a Self-Study as part of our accreditation requirements for the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE). 1We plan to use the Self-Study results and recommendations to inform our next Strategic Plan.  Your feedback is important to the process. Please provide your reflections and comments so that our entire campus community can participate in shaping the future of BCC.

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The following statements are summaries of the seven MSCHE Standards and summaries of our Self-Study findings relative to those standards.  Please reflect on what you consider to be BCC’s Strengths, Challenges and Opportunities relative to each of these statements.  Also, please provide any recommendations for improvements and/or innovations relative to the statements.  

MSCHE States that an Accredited Institution:  

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* 1. Has an appropriate mission (Standard I).

The institution’s mission defines its purpose within the context of higher education, the students it serves, and what it intends to accomplish.  The institution’s stated goals are clearly linked to its mission and specify how the institution fulfills its mission.

Our Self-Study demonstrates that …

BCC is guided by a mission (which is aligned with CUNY and MSCHE) and is devoted to providing access for academic success & upward social mobility to the widely diverse population of the Bronx.

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* 2. Lives it with integrity (Standard II)

Ethics and integrity are central, indispensable, and defining hallmarks of effective institutions. In all activities, whether internal or external, an institution must be faithful to its mission, honor its contracts and commitments, adhere to its policies, and represent itself truthfully.

Consistent with our mission to prepare students to participate in and contribute to the global community, and drawing on our rich multicultural community, BCC fosters an atmosphere of mutual respect among all campus members, while complying with all BCC, CUNY, NYC, NYS and federal laws, regulations and policies.

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* 3. Delivers an effective student learning experience (Standard III)

An institution provides students with learning experiences that are characterized by rigor and coherence at all program, certificate and degree levels, regardless of instructional modality. All learning experiences, regardless of modality, program pace/schedule, level and setting are consistent with higher education expectations.

Teaching and learning are the heart and soul of BCC, which is consistent with our mission to provide an education that is broad in scope and rigorous in standards and to provide students with the tools for educational/professional success.

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* 4.   Supports the overall student experience, both inside & outside of the classroom (Standard IV)

Across all educational experiences, settings, levels & instructional modalities, the institution recruits/admits students whose interests, abilities, experiences, & goals are congruent with its mission & educational offerings.  The institution commits to retention, persistence, completion, & success through a coherent & effective support system sustained by qualified professional which enhances the quality of the learning environment, contributes to the educational experience, & fosters student success.

Maintaining a strong belief in the capacity of all students, BCC invests substantially in empowering students by providing them with an environment that enhances the student experience and facilitates learning and success.

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* 5.  Assesses its own educational effectiveness (Standard V)

Assessment of student learning and achievement demonstrates the institution’s students have accomplished educational goals consistent with their program of study, degree level, the institution’s mission and appropriate expectations for institutions of higher education.

In order to assure that we make good on the promise to provide students with a  rigorous and broad education that prepares them for educational/professional success and informed and engaged citizenship, BCC maintains a robust program of meaningful assessment of student learning outcomes for purposes of quality assurance and continuous improvement.  BCC faculty and staff increasingly are building knowledge about student learning and success through their assessment and scholarship efforts.

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* 6.  Uses planning and resources to ensure institutional improvement (Standard VI)

The institution’s planning processes, resources, structures are aligned with each other & are sufficient to fulfill its mission and goals and to continuously assess and improve its programs and services, and to respond effectively to opportunities and challenges.

Consistent with our objective to foster continuous improvement with evidence-based practice, & representative of our commitment to making significant progress on the goals in our Strategic Plan, BCC engages in a structured planning, resource allocation, assessment program that supports the realization of our mission and goals.

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* 7.  Is characterized by effective governance, leadership & administration (Standard VII)

The institution is governed and administered in a manner that allows it to realize its stated mission and goals in a way that effectively benefits the institution, its students, and the other constituencies it serves.  Even when supported by or affiliated with governmental, corporate, religious, educational or other unaccredited organizations, the institution has education as its primary purpose, and it operates as an academic institution with appropriate autonomy.

BCC’s administrative and governance structures and practices support the College’s efforts to fully realize its mission and vision and make significant progress in achieving the strategic goals articulated in the College’s Strategic Plan (Building a Community of Excellence).

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* 8. What do you think it means for BCC to be a Community of Excellence?