In 2016, residents from the communities of Eastern Charlotte County participated in a Community Health Needs Assessment for the area.  One of priorities identified by the community was:

“The need for more after-hours access to primary health care, including mental health services in the community.”

To improve access to primary health care for residents in Eastern Charlotte County, Horizon Health Network is working to establish a Primary Health Care Community Access Clinic at the Fundy Health Centre

Services will be provided by Physician(s); Nurse Practitioner(s); Nursing and supportive staff at Fundy Health Centre.

Note; the clinic is for non-emergency health care needs; for clients requiring emergency health care, they will continue to be seen at the Emergency Departments at Horizon’s Charlotte County Hospital  and Horizon’s Saint John Regional Hospital.

By completing this survey, you will help Horizon Health Network better understand the needs of residents in our community and support planning for the Community Access Clinic.

Please note that:

 a)       Your participation is voluntary. You do not have to participate in this survey if you don’t want to.

b)      Your responses are anonymous and confidential. Your name is not attached to your comments.
We will summarize the completed surveys and share the summary in our next newsletter.

If you have any questions about this survey, please contact: Heather Chase at 506.343.2080 or

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* 1. I have accessed care at  the Fundy Health Centre:

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* 2. If you were to access service from a Primary Care Provider (Physician/Nurse Practitioner) on a walk-in basis, what times would be most convenient for you and/or your family:

  Morning (8-12) Afternoon (1-4) Early Evening (5-8) Evening (7-9)

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* 3. Do you have a Primary Health Care Provider?

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* 4. What community do you live in?

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* 5. Age range?

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* 6. Would you like to receive follow-up communication regarding this survey?

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* 7. Please provide any additional comments and/or suggestions.

Thank you for your time and input, it helps us improve our service to better meet your needs!