Tell us your top-of-mind thoughts on sheep welfare.

The Canadian Sheep Federation (CSF) has initiated a revision to the 2013 sheep Code of Practice using the process established by the National Farm Animal Care Council (NFACC).1,2 Once completed, the Code will reflect updated requirements and recommended practices for on-farm care of sheep.

An important preliminary step in this process is to invite the industry, general public, and all other interested individuals to submit their top-of-mind thoughts on the welfare of sheep. This input will help to inform the development of the Code.

This brief and informal survey has been designed to accommodate a variety of stakeholders. To ensure that the Code Development Committee is able to consider input in a timely manner, the survey will remain open until July 25, 2024.

Please note: the survey is designed to gain insights on individuals' unique top-of-mind thoughts about sheep welfare. NFACC may exclude submissions that are coordinated or directed by an organization or group. Please also be polite; submissions that include profanity or derogatory language will not be considered.

1 The Canadian Sheep Federation (CSF) aims to lead the country's sheep industry by enhancing its production capacity. They strive to develop a comprehensive knowledge base to ensure evidence-based practices within the industry. The CSF also focuses on establishing effective communication channels with producers and stakeholders, while maintaining an organizational structure to support their business strategy and generate revenue for their initiatives.
2 NFACC is a collaborative partnership of diverse stakeholders created in 2005 to share information and work together on farm animal care and welfare. It is the national lead for farm animal care issues in Canada and operates as a Division of Animal Health Canada.

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The NFACC Code development process includes a 60-day public comment period on the draft Code
. If you would like to receive an email notification about the comment period for the sheep Code, please enter your email address below. Your email address will be retained separately from the responses you provided in this survey.