About the survey

The Tennessee State Library and Archives (TSLA) has developed this survey in an effort to honor the service and valor of Tennessee's Vietnam War veterans and to preserve a more complete historical record of the men and women who served in theater during the war. The survey results will be maintained at TSLA for research and educational purposes.

Your contribution to this survey is extremely valuable and greatly appreciated. TSLA seeks participation from Vietnam War veterans who were living in Tennessee at the time of the war or veterans who currently reside in Tennessee. Should the veterans be unable to participate in the survey, a designee can complete the form for them, or they may contact TSLA for assistance.

We realize that at 56 questions the survey is lengthy and may take some time to complete (45 minutes to an hour). Since the information is being collected for historical purposes, however, we carefully selected the questions to give a thorough record of veterans’ experiences. If you prefer, you can complete part of the survey, save your answers, and come back to the survey later.

Phone: (615) 253-5517
Email: vietnamwar.tsla@tn.gov
12% of survey complete.