I. Introduction

In 2019, the Washington State Legislature determined it was necessary to consider if the state’s tax structure was unfair to taxpayers and if it fits our modern economy, since it has not been updated in over 80 years.

The Tax Structure Work Group (TSWG) is exploring changes to the way Washington state collects state taxes from both people and businesses. The goal is not to increase tax revenue to Washington state, but to create a new tax structure that considers these four principles:
  • Adequacy: the tax system collects enough tax revenue to pay for established public services.
  • Stability: the tax system collects a reliable amount of tax revenue resistant to short-term changes in the economy.
  • Transparency: the tax system clarifies for taxpayers how much tax they need to pay, when to pay these taxes, and how to pay taxes.
  • Equity (Fairness):  the tax system considers both consistency of taxes among taxpayers and the capacity of individuals and business to pay taxes.
This survey asks a little about your point of view and then your preferences for different types of taxes.