Important: Before you begin..

You will not be able to stop and save throughout the application. 
So make sure you have the following before starting your application:
  • Your project information, including SMART objectives, description, team, and budget. 
  • Your long-term plan, which helps you put your project in a bigger context. 
  • The "Set a Good Example," agreement, in which you agree that refreshments you provide will be healthy and set a good example for your community. 
  • The Try This Checklist, which helps you inventory what your community has already done and identify the projects you feel are priority.
  • Letters of commitment from two partners (Again, the more the better). Each letter must tell what that partner will contribute to the project.
  • SMART Objectives include a "how-to" guide that will help other communities copy or adapt what you did. 
  • See the sheet we use to score your application at

We recommend answering each question you come to in a Word Document first, and then copying and pasting each answer in. That way you can check for grammar and spelling, but also in case your application gets deleted you won't lose your work. 

If you are having problems completing the online application please direct questions to before June 15th and any questions to after June 15th. 

Complete your Try This Checklist here. Make sure your project name on both this application and your Try This Checklist are exactly the same.