Read Laying the Groundwork and score above a 70% on the following quiz to receive 2 AIA LU | HSW continuing education credits. 

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* 3. AIA # (if applicable):

* 4. Which of the following is not a 'critical success factor' of ground-floor design in mixed-use affordable housing?

* 5. What percentage of the facade between 2' and 10' above the sidewalk must be transparent?

* 6. An organized and convenient ground-floor column grid requires coordination with what?

* 7. What is the recommended floor-to-underside of slab height for ground-floor space?

* 8. True or false: tenant-provided HVAC systems are preferred.

* 9. Which type of signs are most desirable for attracting customers?

* 10. Which of the following retail types is not a priority use for mixed-use affordable housing in New York City?

* 11. True or false: separate metering of MEP systems for each retail space is preferred.

* 12. The retail floor slab should be set at what point?

* 13. True or false: residential entrances should be located alongside retail entries.