Wise Stewards Initiative Application

The In Trust Center Wise Stewards Initiative is an opportunity aimed at transforming the governance processes of theological institutions.  If you would like to be considered for this initiative, we ask that you provide the following information.

* 1. Contact information.

* 2. The program year and institutional cohort for which we wish to be considered is:

* 3. I have read the Wise Stewards Initiative FAQ page and understand what is involved if my institution is chosen to participate.

* 4. If chosen, my institution is able to make a commitment to all of the requirements as outlined on the FAQs page.

The next few questions are intended to gather additional information about what is important for your institution so that we may assist you accordingly during the initiative.

* 5. This initiative is important for my institution at this time because:

* 6. The aspects of governance that are most important to my institution are:

Applications for the Wise Stewards Initiative will be reviewed on a rolling basis. You will be notified in the coming weeks if your school has been chosen to participate in one of the initiative's three cohorts.

We appreciate your interest in our program, and will contact you should we have any questions.