Lifeline Tasmania is reviewing its strategic plan, as it does regularly.
This review, however, has a new urgency, driven by the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

The environment in which Lifeline works has changed dramatically and we have already responded swiftly to this challenge.

Lifeline Tasmania’s new phone service is responding to the needs of Tasmanians whose lives have been impacted by the pandemic and are experiencing psychological stress.

Our strategic plan needs to reflect this new and fast-moving environment in which we operate and draw on the experiences of our valued stakeholders.

Lifeline needs to continue to be innovative and nimble in broadening its reach and its capacity to deal with whatever challenges Tasmanians face.

Your input is therefore critical to ensuring Lifeline Tasmania meets the challenges by building on the strong foundations of our vision, our mission, our values and our strategy.

The central question for us all is whether the Strategic Framework 2019-2022 is appropriate in meeting our objectives in a world of uncertainty.

Should it reflect not just the new environment and the expanded service Lifeline now offers but also the capacity for further diversification, expansion, partnerships and innovation in human and technological capacity.

As a valued Lifeline Tasmania stakeholder and partner, your views and experiences are important to us.  We greatly appreciate ten minutes of your time to complete this survey we ensure our organisation is well informed and able to provide the day to day services and support that Tasmanians require at this critical time.

Please read the one page Lifeline Tasmania Strategic Plan below before proceeding to the survey.

Please note this survey closes Monday August 3rd at 5pm

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