The 2024 Food & Beverage Environmental Conference (FBEC) presents the annual gathering of food and beverage industry environmental professionals, their environmental consultants and vendors, and the academic community to share environmental engineering knowledge and experience. There are no published conference proceedings and no sales pitches so that the presentations, posters and subsequent discussions can be more candid and enlightening. Presentations are delivered in a single-track, general session format to allow the greatest participation possible. Posters receive maximum interaction and exposure during scheduled networking sessions.

With the above in mind, we are pleased to issue this Call for Presentations and Call for Posters to the food and beverage processing and academic communities and their environmental consultant and vendor partners.

Please refer to the list of topics on the FBEC website. The presentations should focus on actual case examples from the food and beverage industry. We encourage examples of successes, failures, and lessons learned. NOTE: The Lead presenter MUST be from a food or beverage company or from academia. Presentation guidelines will be issued for all presentations that are accepted.

We look forward to your participation in this valuable and worthwhile food and beverage industry event.

Submissions must be completed through the online form. No submissions will be accepted via email. 
Joan Giuliani, Conference Chair, FBEC 2024

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