Thank you for taking our survey. The objective of this survey is to assess the environment and perceptions of career, combination and volunteer fire departments related to annual medical physical examinations. 

Research indicates that firefighters are at increased risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, musculoskeletal injuries, behavioral health issues, lung disease, sleep disorders and infectious diseases. Clinical monitoring through comprehensive annual physicals including frequent screenings have the best chance of catching any of these occupational related diseases early, before they exhibit symptoms or at least while they are treatable; thus, decreasing mortality and morbidity.

FSTAR Health promotes annual physicals that consider the unique health risks of firefighters. It is the objective of the FSTAR Health program to improve the frequency and availability of annual physicals for both career and volunteer firefighters.

This survey continues and expands upon a member survey first conducted in 2006 by the IAFC.  The OnScene article, How’s Your Physical?  Results from the IAFC’s Survey on Annual Physicals, is available for reading at the end of the survey.  Completion of this survey will help the FSTAR Health program more precisely target its education and outreach efforts.

Rules of Engagement:

In an attempt to reach as many firefighter members of career, combination and volunteer fire departments, many distribution outlets were used to disseminate the link to this survey.  Although you may receive the link to this survey multiple times from different sources, please, only take the survey once.

If you are a member of a combination fire department, please complete the survey based on your membership status with that department.  (e.g. if you are a career firefighter with a combination fire department, identify your department as career.  If you are a volunteer firefighter with a combination fire department, identify your department as volunteer.)

If you are a member of multiple fire departments, please complete the survey once for each department of which you are a member.

The survey should only take you 10 minutes to complete and will provide very valuable information.

Thank you for your time.
7% of survey complete.