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Deadline: April 5th (midnight EST)

What is this all about? 

Given the inherent global nature of education abroad, professionals in the field face unique challenges and opportunities with regards to how we respond to climate change and other environmental and social crises. Your participation in this survey will provide vital insights into how our field is evolving and how we might best address these and other critical challenges. Specifically, this survey intends to…

  1. offer state-of-the-field data on sustainability practices and policies,
  2. benchmark these practices to enable comparative and longitudinal research,
  3. incentivize continual improvement towards sustainable practices, and
  4. inspire action to address the impact our field has on the climate crisis.

Who should complete this survey?

Categories of survey questions include Demographics, Office Management, Program Design & Operations, Student Learning, and Perceived Barriers with regard to implementing sustainable practices and policies. We therefore request survey respondents be coordinators or administrators who have knowledge about these aspects of their institution’s, or organization's, education abroad/student mobility programs. We encourage responses from all institutions, or organizations, regardless of their perceived level of environmental sustainability efforts. We anticipate the survey will only take 10-15 minutes to complete, but respondents are also encouraged to take time to elaborate on their responses. 

A survey preview and worksheet is available on the Bound International website here to aid respondents in preparing their answers.  While we encourage those with the most knowledge about their institution/organization’s education abroad/student mobility, we understand that some information may need to be verified by other colleagues.

What will we do with this information?

By default, only aggregate data will be publicly shared and no details or free text responses will be released that might identify respondents or their host institutions or organizations.  Respondents can optionally provide contact information at the end, which will enable us to follow up in order to...

  1. clarify particular responses,
  2. request permission to highlight projects in reports, and/or
  3. offer assistance with their current efforts. 

Best Practice

Categories within the survey may be used as indicators for best practice when advancing sustainability performance at your institution/organization.  There are currently no definitive standards for best practice for environmental or social sustainability in international higher education.  It is the survey owners’ view that the development of standards for best practice be determined holistically within the field and regard this survey as a key instrument in this ultimate endeavor.

Who is behind this survey?

Bound International navigates the intersection of international educational mobility, environmental sustainability, and technological innovation. We support environmental awareness and tech solutions for educational institutions and organizations.

Earth Deeds offers innovative online tools for groups to understand and account for their carbon footprints through meaningful projects.
Thank you for your willingness to participate in this survey.
Please direct questions to karen@bound-intl.com or daniel@earthdeeds.org.
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