In 2004, the Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority (CLOCA) undertook a Shoreline Hazards Damage Centre Study of the western end of the Port Darlington shoreline. The 2004 study identified shoreline hazards (flooding, erosion and dynamic beach) and made recommendations to address these issues. The 2004 Report was prepared by Aqua Solutions but was never finalized. As a result of recent flooding and erosion concerns, and in response in particular to a request by Cedar Crest Beach Road residents to have Clarington assist in developing and implementing a comprehensive unified shoreline erosion mitigation plan for the area bounded by 37 and 155 Cedar Crest Beach Road, the 2004 Draft Study is being revisited by CLOCA and the Municipality of Clarington.  The 2018 Port Darlington Shoreline & Flood Damage Centre Study will not only revive the 2004 study but it will also include an assessment of potential erosion mitigation measures. 

Aqua Solutions has been retained to complete the 2018 Port Darlington Shoreline Study. Aqua Solutions will be finalizing the shoreline study and on behalf of CLOCA, is interested in hearing from those who are affected by flooding and erosion along the shoreline.  This survey is an opportunity for concerned individuals and organizations to share their views and offer their thoughts about the shoreline issues and solutions. 
Please note:  Information and submissions provided to the study team by members of the public will be subject to the provisions of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. 

* 1. Do you own or lease property on or near the shoreline in the study area?

* 2. If you answered YES to the above question, please indicate whether you..

* 3. What word best describes you?

* 4. Where do you live?

* 5. Are you aware that a DRAFT Report was prepared in 2004 and entitled

* 6. If you answered YES to Question 4 above, what elements of the 2004 Draft Report do you support?

* 7. If you answered YES to Question 4 above, what elements of the 2004 Draft Report do you not support and why?

* 8. Are you concerned about the shoreline? If so, what are your most significant concerns? Please be as specific as possible.

* 9. What solutions would you recommend to address the concerns you have identified in Question 7 above.

* 10. Please indicate whether you believe the solution rests with...

* 11. Are you experiencing erosion on or near your property?  Please provide as much information as possible, including examples, locations, etc.

* 12. Are you experiencing or are you aware of flooding on or near your property? Again, please provide as much information as possible.

* 13. Are you experiencing or are you aware of other issues/concerns affecting the shoreline or your property in particular?  Please provide as much information as possible.

* 14. Do you support enhanced recreational use of the shoreline and increased public access.  

* 15. If you could make one recommendation what would that one recommendation be?

* 16. If you would like to be added to our Mailing List please provide your information.