Critical Improvements for Downtown Properties (Dover)

UPDATED 2-19-24

Downtown Dover property owners who are planning critical improvements to their downtown Dover properties, may now submit an Application for funding consideration. Application to the program does not imply receipt of funds to the applicant as it is a competitive process.

You must be the property owner to complete an Application.
Remember to complete a separate application for each property.

For detailed instructions on this Application, and to view a pdf of the actual Application prior to completing it online, visit:

Priorities of the Program:

1. ADA improvements (handicap accessible compliance/improvement such as rest rooms, ramps, audible/visual “sensory: alarms, etc.
2. Life safety (such as, but not necessarily limited to fire suppression, alarms, electrical, egress, etc.
3. Commercial Kitchen fit-out: Kitchen equipment attached to building structure, such as stove/ansul system.
4. Residential if above first floor commercial space, or other if in support of master plan, as approved by CIP review panel.
5. Properties located within the designated DDD (Downtown Development District by DSHA) boundary for Dover. For the DDD boundary map visit:

The following are NOT eligible uses of grant funds:

• Signage
• Purchase of interior furnishings, fixtures, or equipment, except: Consideration will be given to the purchase of kitchen fixtures and equipment attached to building structure and/or required for establishment of a commercial kitchen.
• Construction of a new structure or facility, replacement of an existing structure with a new one.
• Demolition of an existing building.
• Acquiring title to a structure or a property.
• “Costs of doing business” such as operating or overhead.
• Legal fees, insurance premiums, licensing and permitting fees, or fees related to loans, or for activities otherwise ineligible for grant funding.

If funds are allocated to your project, you will be required to meet with the City of Dover Planning Office to discuss your project to ensure it is feasible, therefore it is recommended that you meet with planning staff early in your project considerations. Call (302) 736-7010 to make an appointment.

This Application must be completed in ONE sitting. It may take 20-30 minutes to complete. Be sure to have all your documents at hand prior to beginning.

If you wish to receive a copy of your Application once it's complete, contact or call the DDP office at 302-678-2940.

To complete the Application, continue now.

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* 1. Property Owner First Name (NOTE:  If the property is jointly owned, provide the first & last name of the co-owner in parenthesis next to your first name in this answer box.)

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* 2. Property Owner Last Name

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* 3. Property Owner Phone number

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* 4. Property Owner Email Address

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* 5. Home Address of Property Owner: (Street, City , State, Zip)  Not your business address, but your home address.

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* 6. Do you plan to submit more than one Application for funding consideration, and if so, how many (including this one)?