1. Introduction to the ABCP Knowledge Base Survey

For each item in the knowledge base, you will be asked to rate the level of importance you place on the information in your practice and the frequency of use that the information occurs in your practice. All responses are important. Importance may be high and utility low for the same item or vice versa. Major headings may, on occasion, be rated as less important or less well-utilized than some or all of the information lines under that heading. It is important that you respond to each information line independently, not in terms of interdependence on other lines or sections.

This task should take about one hour to complete. If you need to stop and resume the survey at a later time, complete the page you are working on and click "Next." Be sure to return to the survey on the same device and go to https://www.abcp.org/for-ccps/knowledge-base-survey to resume.

Please see the Survey FAQs for additional information.

The survey will be open through September 30, 2023.