A 12-question quiz to spot how good you are at spotting AI writing in B2B marketing

The New York Times asked teachers (and Judy Blume!) if they could tell the difference between a bot and a fourth-grader. Turns out, they had a tougher time than expected.
To better demonstrate what AI content generators can do now, we decided to see whether people could tell the difference between writing by a bot and by a human B2B marketer.

The human B2B writers are all native English speakers, born in the U.S., with master’s degrees in communications, journalism or similar fields, and 10+ years of experience. 

The AI copy is generated using ChatGPT, Lately.ai or Writer.com.
I chose 4 common content formats: LinkedIn posts, nurture emails, SEO blog posts and thought leadership blog posts. For each one, there are three copy samples to evaluate as human or AI.

We provided the bots with the same prompts we gave the humans, with slight modifications based on system requirements.

The results are presented in the quiz and are unedited.

Can you spot the difference?
At the end, you'll see how you did, as well as how everyone else voted. 
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