1. Introduction

Happy Dancing Turtle’s mission: to build, demonstrate, and promote sustainable living solutions that are economically and ecologically practical.

The HDT demonstration farm grows soil, which supports healthy food and protects water resources. Soil health principles are at the core of everything we do. To continue to develop our soil and focus on our mission, we’re exploring integrating livestock and selling meat chickens or eggs. Through this project, we hope to develop an ecological and economical model for raising shade-grown poultry.  We also hope to provide fresh, nutrient dense, and clean food to our community.

Your honest input into this survey will be extremely valuable in shaping what we’re calling “The Shady Chicken Project.”

* 1. Do you make the majority of the food purchasing decisions in your household?

* 2. Would you travel to Pine River to make food purchases?

* 3. Do you now or have you ever purchased a vegetable CSA from Happy Dancing Turtle (HDT)?

* 4. The poultry will be fed organic poultry feed, sprouted whole grains, and also be grazed outside under trees to give them shade and shelter. This model is designed to not only humanely raise happy chickens, but provide the healthiest meat and eggs to consumers.

Would you be interested in purchasing chicken or eggs raised in this manner from HDT?