March-April 2017 Community Survey

Ignacio is embarking on an exciting journey and we’d like you to join us!

Together, we’re going to facilitate a community-created branding & marketing plan for Ignacio. The project goals are: 

  • Identify and celebrate the unique character elements of Ignacio’s culture, people, history, and special places
  • Create a responsive logo and brand for Ignacio
  • Design signage that helps direct residents and visitors to destinations and within Ignacio
  • Develop an implementation plan that outlines the costs and resources needed to implement the new community brand and signage
By participating in the community survey, you will help us understand the special places and culture of Ignacio, and what can be done to make the community more vibrant and appealing.

* 1. When friends and family visit you, where in Ignacio do you take them?

* 2. Where do you go in Ignacio in the evenings and weekends (other than your home)?

* 3. What are Ignacio’s 3 best assets (for example, a community park could be considered a community asset)?

* 4. What are Ignacio's 3 best attributes (for example, 'small town character' could be considered a community attribute)?

* 5. What do you think are the 3 biggest challenges facing Ignacio?

* 6. What could or should be done in Ignacio to get people to spend more time/money here?

* 7. What could or should be done to improve the quality of life in Ignacio?

* 8. Please rank the following Ignacio community assets in order of their importance (1 being most important, and 7 being least important).

* 9. Please list any 'other' community asset here (from question #8):

* 10. What do you think Ignacio should be known for?

Thank you for helping with the Ignacio Branding & Marketing Plan!!