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Under normal circumstances, well over 90% of dads attend their baby's birth, as well as going to antenatal classes, scans and appointments. But what's been happening during the Covid-19 lockdown?

Whether you're an expectant or new dad or mum, or an NHS professional, we want to hear your maternity stories.

Before you start: a warning. This is not the fastest survey you will ever fill in! It goes into detail about the minutiae of maternity services - deliberately because it's often the detail that has the most impact. 

(Having said that, only the first few questions, and a few towards the end, are compulsory; so if you're really pushed for time we would rather you skip through the optional bits and finish the survey, than lose you midway through!) 

So please try to find a 10-minute slot where you can be comfortable and undisturbed. We hope you find this a positive, cathartic experience, and we thank you for the time you’ll have taken to help us keep dads ‘in the frame’ in these exceptional times.

Thank you so much for your time.

The Fatherhood Institute Team x

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* 1. Are you a UK resident with personal experience of UK maternity services since 23 March 2020?