Let's make play spaces more accessible and welcoming for everyone!
Play is important for children to build social skills, independence, creativity and spatial awareness. 
About one in ten children lives with disability and can experience difficulties using playgrounds and community playspaces.

Inclusive playspaces promote play between children of all abilities and encourage acceptance and friendship. They are also welcoming and accessible for parents or carers with disability. 

What is being decided?
Inclusive play guidelines are being developed to assist local councils and other organisations to upgrade, maintain or build new playspaces.
The guidelines will provide guidance on:
  • How to PLAN so everyone can easily find their way to, in and around playspaces
  • How to DESIGN play features/equipment which are accessible and encourage children to play together, and
  • The FACILITIES which allow everyone to stay at playspaces as long as they would like (toilets, shade, seating etc)
Get involved
This survey is for everyone, we are keen to hear from children, parents, guardians, carers, grandparents and other members of the community.

If there is another way that would be easier for you to provide your feedback, please email DHSDisabilityInclusion@sa.gov.au or call 8415 4317.