The City of Saskatoon is divided into ten wards that are utilized for the City's municipal elections, as well as the school board's elections. The Cities Act stipulates that each ward must contain approximately the same population, with ward populations varying by no more than 10% from the average ward population (calculated using the City's total population divided by the ten wards).

As Saskatoon's population grows in different areas of the city, some neighbourhoods may need to move from one ward with a higher population to a neighbouring ward with a lower population to accomplish this. Such changes would take effect with the next election.

The populations of Ward 7 and Ward 2 are both outside the 10% variance, with Ward 7 being too high and Ward 2 being too low.

The Municipal Wards Commission engaged on three potential options for ward boundary changes in June 2023. Based on a review of the feedback received, two revised options are now being considered.  

The following survey is an opportunity for you to provide your feedback on these two options and should take 5-10 minutes to complete. Your feedback will be considered when selecting which of the two options will be implemented for the 2024 municipal election.

Thank you for helping draw the new lines!